Aulong Product | The First Luxurious 1200Pax High-speed Aluminum Ferry in Domestic China – Successful Delivery of “Beiyou 26”


On13 July 2020, “Beiyou 26”, the first luxurious 70m 1200pax aluminum ferry indomestic China, manufactured by Aulong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd (hereafterreferred to as Aulong Shipbuilding) was successfully delivered. Honoreddelegates from multiple parties attended the delivery ceremony and witnessedthe significant moment of the delivery and acceptance.

“Beiyou26” is a customized luxurious high-speed aluminum catamaran specifically forBeihai Ennova Cruise, with the principal parameters of L.O.A. of 70.6m, moldedbeam of 17m, the maximum speed of 34kn and passenger capacity of 1200. Thisvessel has created many records listing as the largest principal dimension, thebiggest passenger capacity, the maximum speed under the same pax vesselcomparison, the highest wind resistance level, as well as the first aluminumvessel equipped with the leather massage seats and pet room in domestic China.“Beiyou 26” will be operated in the maritime tourism route of “Beihai—WeizhouIsland” which is known as the “China Bali”.

parentcompanies—Austal and Jianglong (stock code: 300589), showing in the reasonableinterior layout, wild field of vision, elegant decoration design and humanized details.The whole construction process is monitored and controlled by the Austal’squality management team. The vessel quality is fully benchmarked to the worldleading level by featuring in the solid structure strength, optimized hullline, fast speed, strong wind and wave resistance, reliable safety and highpassenger comfort.

Mr.Wang Guangrong, the GM of Aulong Shipbuilding, indicated that the design andconstruction of “Beiyou 26” brings extremely high requirements to theconstruction capability of the company, demanding a comprehensive considerationof the safety and aesthetic design, human engineering, seakeeping and passengercomfort as it is currently the largest aluminum ferry. Relying on the strongstrength of the parent company—Austal in the field of large aluminum vesselconstruction, bottlenecks of hull line and structural strength in terms of thedomestic large aluminum vessel have been tickled by adopting plenty of advancedtechnology including CFD, FEA, seakeeping analysis, structural fatigue strengthanalysis, aluminum testing and analysis, etc.. Thereby, the construction taskof the vessel was completed with excellence, ensuring the scientific andadvanced nature of the vessel.

Mr. Shen Hui, the technical directorof Aulong Shipbuilding, noted that the hull line of “Beiyou 26” is employedwith high molded depth design with reference to Austal experience of the leadinglarge vessel design, which is benefit to avoid the harmful wave slamming to thevessel. Therefore, the vessel still could be under normal operation in theadverse sea condition of Beaufort wind of grade 7 and wave height of 3m. Owingto small range of vessel motion and low possibility of water spray, the potentialdamage to important machinery and equipment on board and the stress response ofhull structure are reduced. Therefore, the full service life of the vessel ismore reliable. Compared with similar domestic passenger vessel, “Beiyou 26” isoptimized in hull line, speed and vibration noise. Especially, the reduction ofwave resistance is 8% better than that of similar vessel, which can greatlyimprove the fuel economy and navigation speed.