Delivery of “Xin Hailiang”丨Another Benchmarking Vessel for Blue Sea Jet


Onthe arrival of the brand new year, “Xin Hailiang”, the 272Pax high speedaluminum alloy vessel built by Aulong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, has successfully dockedin Zhuhai Jiuzhou port and a new vessel handover ceremony has been heldrecently. This is another great product after “Xin Haiwei”, combined with the elaboratework of Aulong and Austal, being delivered to BSJ who is the biggest domesticenterprise of high-speed passenger operator.


Xin Hailiang” Arrivedat Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port successfully


Honoredrepresentatives from both parties attended and cut the ribbon at the deliveryceremony. Guests from BSJ, Liang Kaibin, the assistant general manager of ZhuhaiJiuzhou Holdings Group Co., Ltd. and general manager of Zhuahi High-speedPassenger Ferry Co., Ltd, Wang Jiaxin, the deputy general manager and JiangXiaoran, the customer service director, and representatives of Aulong, YanZhiqing, the chairman, Wang Guangrong, the general manager, and Paul Ricci, thedeputy general manager. Mr. Liang and Mr. Yan delivered a speech respectivelyat the ceremony.


Ribbon-cutting Ceremony


BlueSea Jet is well known to the shipbuilding industry for its strict qualityrequirement to vessels. Having the ability to build vessels for BSJ and being highlyrecognized by this first-class enterprise in its field, Aulong is proved tohave leading technology and quality in the shipbuilding industry.


Alltechnical indicators of “Xin Hailiang” are at the world leading level in theindustry by merging with the advanced design concept and construction processfrom Austal and reaching the first RT pass rate of more than 95%. During thesea trial, “Xin Hai Liang” showed its high performance with the speed up to27.52kn, which brings the high-speed effectiveness purely by propeller drivento rival with the waterjet propelled and sets another benchmark for the industry!


Inorder to create a best travel experience, various new processes andtechnologies have been used to build the vessel with a superior performance inreducing vibration and noise. In regard of cabin layout and interior decorationstyle and color tone, more humanized and innovative design has been adopted tostress out the theme of ocean and islands. Every detail shows the intention andelaboration of Aulong, such as customized sofas and seats and a large area ofporthole on both side, which has gained the unanimous recognition of Blue SeaJet.


Supportedby the world-leading aluminum alloy catamaran shipbuilding quality and technologyof Austal, Aulong has always been favored by customers and been gaining theattention from the industry.


The first vessel “Xin Haiwei”, which has shownhigh performance and security during actual operations, was selected as thedesignated reception vessel for distinguished guests from HK SAR governmentduring the opening ceremony of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge on October 2018,and was praised as the benchmark among waterjet vessels in shipbuilding field. Subsequently,Aulong has won the order of first 1200pax luxurious aluminum alloy catamaran inChina, creating three records of the largest principal dimension, the largestpassenger capacity and the highest single vessel price for a high-speedaluminum alloy passenger vessel in domestic China. The news has immediatelycaused a sensation in the industry, and becomes an important symbol of Aulongbeing ranked among the leading enterprises in shipbuilding industry.



“Xin Haiwei” – The First Vessel Builtby Aulong


1200Pax Luxurious Aluminum Alloy Catamaran


Withthe successful delivery of “Xin Hailiang”, it is believed that it will be ahighlight of island travel routes and among propeller propelled vessels by its greatperformance, high speed and excellent passenger comfort. Also, it willcontribute to the operation and development of high-speed vessel for Zhuhaitourism.


Lookinginto the future, Aulong will continue to uphold its position of high performancealuminum alloy shipbuilding expert to deliver more aluminum alloy catamarans withhigh qualities in terms of performance, security, passenger comfort and speed,so as to inject new momentum into the development of shipbuilding industry.