AULONG is established by AUSUTAL and JIANGLONG at 2016. The company mainly participates in the R&D, design, productionand sales of high-performance aluminum alloy vessels, such as high-speed passenger ferry, high-speed passenger Ropax, patrol boats, windfarm vessels,etc. Relying on the excellent design and construction technologies from AUSTAL, AULONG is committed to provide the Chinese market with globally advanced high-performance aluminum vessels.

A full set of advanced aluminum shipbuilding processes and procedures are formed by improving the workshop, equipment and workers with the introductionof advanced Austal matured processes and methods, so as to ensure the highquality of aluminum vessel products. 

A tall, spacious, bright and enclosed workshop of 10000 square meters foraluminum vessel production have the working stations and procedures reasonably arranged to provide favorable hardware support for aluminum vessel construction.

Aulong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd combines the advantages of China and the West, relying on the market advantages of AUSTAL's advanced aluminum alloy design and construction process and management specifications and the domestic shipbuilding industry leader Jianglong Boat (stock code 300589). Since its establishment, it has attached great importance to the construction of the talent team. At present, the company has an international, young, knowledgeable and professional talent team.......