Aulong Boat Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Australia's technologically advanced aluminum alloy high-speed boatbuilding company Austal and China's well-known high-performance shipbuilding company Jianglong Boat Technology Co., Ltd. The company mainly develops, designs, produces and sells high-performance aluminum alloy boats such as high-speed passenger ships, high-speed passenger rolling ships, official law enforcement ships, and offshore work boats. Relying on ......

1. Introduced the mature technology and engineering method of auschta and improved the fixed telephone by combining the factory building, equipment and personnel, forming a whole set of advanced aluminum alloy ship manufacturing process to guarantee the high quality of aluminum alloy ship products. 2.10000 square meters of the main aluminum alloy ship building closed workshop, tall, spacious......

Independent design provides "customized" shipping solutions

There are more than 400 professional designers in Australia and the United States

More than 260 new ship construction experience

Technical support from professional r&d team

3D design tools

Computational fluid dynamics analysis

Finite element structural analysis

Seakeeping analysis


Aulong Boat Technology Co., Ltd. combines the advantages of China and the West, relying on the market advantages of AUSTAL's advanced aluminum alloy design and construction process and management specifications and the domestic shipbuilding industry leader Jianglong Boat (stock code 300589). Since its establishment, it has attached great importance to the construction of the talent team. At present, the company has an international, young, knowledgeable and professional talent team.......