Team Introduction

Combined with the advantages from twoparent companies, advanced aluminum design and construction process andmanagement standard from Austal and market advantage from the domestic leadingshipbuilder Jianglong (stock code: 300589), Aulong has formed an internal,young, knowledgeable and professional talent team by attaching great importanceto the team building since its establishment. 

Among the team members, there aremaster degree accounting for 3%, bachelor degree accounting for 67%, juniorcollege graduates accounted for 30% and foreign core technology and managementteam of 5 persons. The independent R&D center Aulong owns has established awide range of strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign universities.

 As a high-performance aluminum shipbuilding expert, Aulong adheres to the spiritof craftsmanship and strives for excellence in providing customers withhigh-quality products and high-level services.