AULONG is established by AUSTAL and JIANGLONG at 2016. The company mainly participates in the R&D, design, productionand sales of high-performance aluminum alloy vessels, such as high-speed passenger ferry, high-speed passenger Ropax, patrol boats, windfarm vessels,etc. Relying on the excellent design and construction technologies from AUSTAL, AULONG is committed to provide the Chinese market with globally advanced high-performance aluminum vessels.

IN 2021, AUSTAL exit Chinese Market and sold shares of AULONG, but AUSTAL will continue to provide design and technical support after that. At the same time a Chinese state owned company BuleSeaJet becomes to be a share holder of AULONG.

Occupying a professional aluminum shipbuildingworkshop of nearly 10,000 square meters, Aulong is equipped with constructionfacilities such as crane, aluminum welding machine and cutting machine in linewith the Austal standard. A team of Austal experienced production tradeadvisors is dispatched to Aulong to be responsible for project management. Allconstruction personnel are on duty with certificates and regularly go toAustralia or Philippines for skill training as required by the joint ventureagreement.

As a high-performance aluminum shipbuilding expert,Aulong has developed rapidly in the past two years, and our products issuperior in structural strength, hull line, speed, seakeeping, etc., receivinghigh recognition on the delivered products from the industry and customers. Aulongwill adhere to the commitment of good faith and cooperation to providecustomers with better products, top quality and perfect service.